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We at Zeweb Media Company in Rohini knows that WordPress is home to over 60 million websites, including 33.6% in 2019. WordPress is the number one content management system (CMS) in use. This fact distinctly reveals the importance of WordPress as a CMS for businesses and individuals alike.

Great but simple interface, super-easy social media integration and easy to use readymade themes are some key reasons why people prefer WordPress over any other CMS. Nevertheless, remember certain factors before you go ahead with your WordPress website:

1. Themes Quality.
At Zeweb Media in Rohini, we choose the proper theme— the right one that keeps it responsive over devices, speed ups the website loading and shows your content like a pro.

True, free Wordpress themes are great for someone tight on budget. But they can have issues like poor quality coding, no regular updates, lack of tech-support in case of trouble, etc.
On the other hand, premium themes are expensive but highly dynamic and flexible, offering more features that can help your website look amazing.

2. Web Hosting.
Selecting the right web hosting service is quite important. We, at Zeweb Media Company in Rohini, understand that choosing the wrong one could make your website struggle in the future. Research first thoroughly and you’ll find that the choice of hosting service becomes much clearer. And identify, that they provide routine updates and backups.

3. Wordpress plugins.
Plugins are one of the key features that make WordPress so easy to use and extend its functionality. But we, Zeweb Media Company in Rohini, have years of experience and we understand that too many plugins or a single wrong plugin can slow your website performance.

4. Website Setup.
After you have completed the WordPress installation on your website, it’s time to configure it. In Zeweb Media Company in Rohini, we know how to plan your website comments will be moderated, permalinks will be established, and additional best methods. Remember there is quite a bit that goes into building a WordPress website.

5. Mobile Interface.
According to the Alexa rankings, 80% of the topmost websites are optimized for mobile. Many visitors access the website through their smartphones in today’s world. We at Zeweb Media in Rohini provide you a website with a responsive interface and smooth experience for users. The responsive mobile-friendly design ensures that the website ranks as high in search engines.

6. Security.
At Zeweb Media Company in Rohini, we take WordPress website security seriously. Since the thought is an open-source script that is vulnerable to attacks. We implement high-level security using plugins and other measures to deter potential threats.

7. Search Engine Optimization.
We, Zeweb Media Company in Rohini, use SEO best practices in conjunction with WordPress plugins like Yoast SEO, etc. In spite of great Search Engine Optimization, it’s essential to establish an enthusiastic presence on the social media networks where your customers spend the most time and you’ll promptly constitute a name people trust.

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