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At Zeweb Media in Rohini, we can make possible for your business to grow without increasing your budget. The secret is: to produce SEO friendly content.

Search engine optimized (SEO) websites with trustworthy authority and a high backlink profile rank usually more up in the GOOGLE. The website that ranks on the First page always gets more clicks, shares, likes, and engagement.

Remember if nobody ever finds your website, then your best-written articles are no use. Regardless, to make your business grow, we necessitate writing SEO-friendly content.

But to write strong, beautiful content that allure your readers, you need to put plenty of thought into writing strong SEO content. However, once you learn the basics content writing can be massively improved over time.

At Zeweb Media in Rohini, we at this phase increase your promotional activities, like email marketing, social media sharing to your list. Check out our other blog post for a guide on them.

1. Quality

It is no secret that Google loves high-quality content. Help search engines help users find relevant information by writing for people, not just search engines.

2. Keyword Research

Include relevant keywords in your writing. There is no magical number for keyword density, but including them in your copy where it makes sense, helps your page to be found.

3. Fresh Content

Make your content engaging by keeping it up-to-date. If you are on top of your game, you will stand out from others in your field. If users love you, Google loves you.

4. Answer a Question

Offer users direct answers to their questions. If you can provide clear answers, you make it easier for the search engine to find your site and provide an answer for the users, making your site more trustworthy.

5. Easy to Share

If you already have high-quality content, make it easier for users to share it. Adding social media buttons makes it so that sharing your content is just a click away. Don't forget about the power of guest blogging!

6. Use your <meta>

Take advantage of useful meta tags to make your content easier to find by the users and Google. Good meta tags that come to mind are: Meta content type, Title, Meta description, Meta robots attribute, and Viewport


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