General Task

  • Social media
  • Personal assistance
  • Ecommerce
  • Accounting services
  • Financial services
  • Book keeping services
  • Spreadsheet services
  • Audio and video editing
  • Email and chat support
  • Web design and development
  • Real estate
  • SEO and digital marketing
  • Administrative assistance
  • Data entry
  • Research work
  • Human resource

Social Media

  • Audit on company’s current social media profiles.
  • Creating social media profiles
  • Integrating social media links with the your website
  • Research suitable content to be shared
  • Designing and sharing social media content
  • Scheduling social posts with social media tools
  • Monitoring real-time audience engagement
  • Audience Interaction by replying to the comments
  • Closely monitoring your competitors’ campaigns.
  • Creating advertising campaigns for social media.
  • Run various contests on social media.
  • Regularly updating profiles

Personal Assistance

  • Booking of accommodation and flights
  • Managing calendar and booking appointments
  • Making any personal purchases for you
  • Sending invitations for functions/occasions
  • Responding to customers through email or phone
  • Handling personal accounts and segregation of bills
  • Sending over details requested by client
  • Noting down minutes from meeting’s duration.
  • Handling calls

Content writing

  • Creating articles for websites like Medium, linkedin
  • Writing blog posts for business website
  • Creating guest posts for blogs
  • Writing case study after interacting with customers
  • Creating How-To Guides for the business
  • Interacting with commentators on business website’s blog
  • Creating content for brochures
  • Writing business letters and reports


  • Handling product research
  • Writing compelling product descriptions
  • Editing the images of the products
  • Listing products on the website
  • Updating and editing inventory online
  • Processing orders
  • Assisting in returns and exchanges
  • Handling customer service via live chat and email
  • Managing suppliers and accounts receivables
  • Amazon competitor analysis and market research

Accounting services

  • Handles inventory management
  • Auditing and updating existing accounting system
  • Implementing record keeping and accounting.
  • Budgeting
  • Year end accounting
  • Projecting imminent cash flow

Financial services

  • Handling cash management
  • Reconciling accounts
  • Managing revenue and expenditure
  • Undertaking financial management
  • Managing sales and purchase orders
  • Developing business plan

Book keeping services

  • Bank and credit reconciliation
  • Balance sheet management
  • Accounting data entry in Excel
  • Cash flow maintenance
  • Maintaining trial balance
  • Maintaining accounts on QuickBooks and PeachTree
  • Processing payrolls

Spreadsheet services

  • Creating various reports
  • Import, export and sorting of data
  • Handling spreadsheet design and maintenance
  • Including charts and graphics

Audio and Video Editing

  • Elementary video editing work.
  • Putting graphics and music together
  • Uploading files to YouTube, Twitter etc.
  • Background noise removal from audio tracks
  • Trimming footage segments
  • Editing and uploading of podcasts or offline webinar

Email and chat support

  • Analysing complaints
  • Replying to queries within stipulated timeline
  • Updating knowledge base for new, possible queries
  • Resolving escalated cases
  • Forwarding queries to the concerned department
  • Registering new customers
  • Recording complaints
  • Responding to inbound emails
  • Handling Web chat
  • Handling web call-back

Web design and development

  • Designing wordpress websites
  • Making business website mobile responsive
  • Providing technical support for wordpress pages
  • Installing security precautions for website
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installation of payment gateways
  • Web-app integration
  • Maintaining website appearance.
  • Maintaining cross-browser compatibility
  • Tagging website blog posts
  • Writing tags for blog images
  • Preventing data loss by regular checkups
  • Managing businesses affiliate plugin and program
  • Drawing up online forms for customer feedback
  • Designing websites on different website platforms

Real estate

  • Real estate data scraping
  • Real estate data scraping from different websites
  • Posting on real estate listings websites
  • Sending introductory messages to renters
  • Compiling MLS reports.
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Assisting in the closing process
  • Following up over phone and email with clients

SEO and digital marketing

  • Geographical search and targeting
  • Developing and updating a web marketing strategy
  • Conducting a blog analysis to target SEO optimisation
  • Using tools to measure and compare web ranking
  • Handling competitor analysis
  • Performing backlink analysis
  • Promoting the content of website
  • Undertaking off site backlink building
  • Designing banner ads for high-traffic website
  • Creating follow-up emails and autoresponders
  • Setting up a landing page

Administrative Assistance

  • Setting up to-do-list reminders for you
  • Offering basic customer support
  • Handling basic HR duties
  • Managing accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Acting as a virtual manager for your team
  • Managing your email inbox
  • Setting up meetings on your behalf
  • Ensuring the timely payment to vendors
  • Sending newsletters
  • Undertakes market research
  • Managing CRM
  • Booking appointments with clients
  • Undertakes following up with clients
  • Managing logistics solutions

Data entry

  • Preparing, compiling, and sorting out data for entry
  • Checking data for accuracy
  • Updating data and deleting unnecessary files
  • Checking completed work for accuracy
  • Maintaining records of activities and tasks
  • Presenting data in required formats

Research work

  • Keyword search
  • Image and chart search
  • Product research
  • Marketing research
  • Buying research reports
  • Rates and catalogs search
  • Undertaking web research
  • Search for domain availability
  • Assistance with statistical analysis
  • Research data compilation
  • General vendor research
  • Schemes and deals research
  • Research related to government procedures
  • Legal procedure research
  • Job search & application
  • Data processing & management

Human resource

  • Handling hiring and onboarding process
  • Developing employee handbook
  • Drafting PTO policy
  • Setting up employee health and benefits package
  • Assistance in recruiting
  • Setting up and managing payrolls
  • Setting up and managing employee time tracking
  • Managing employee documentation
  • Managing insurance and provident funds
  • Managing termination documentation


Head Office :-  B2- 164, 2nd Floor, Rohini, Sector-6, Opposite Vidya Jain Public School Back Gate

Branch Office :- 2nd Floor, Plot No.-1, Garg Trade Centre, Sector-11, Rohini, Delhi 110085

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Indian No :- +91-9711272020

U.S No :- +17165757411

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