What is IVR ?
IVR is a computerized telephony voice platform, it automates various customer services and gives much-needed control to the end user. IVR leverages the latest developments in Computer and telephony industry. IVR provides callers with a menu of options for navigating the phone system to reach the department or phone number they desire. An auto attendant can be quite simple, or it can provide advanced features such as voice recognition and text-to-speech translation. So, When you dial your phone banking A pre-recorded voice greets you, guides to avail various services provided by the bank and Acts as a navigator to get right information sought by you.

Why You Need Interactive voice Response System?

Round the clock Customer Support
In today’s Competitive Business World many organizations fight neck to neck to grab the piece of the same pie. IVRS can help you to provide reliable, robust and efficient Customer support to your client and helps in retention and generate new business opportunities.

Cost Effectiveness
Deploying an IVRS helps you to reduce cost on Human Resource, increases efficiency and productivity. It helps to remove the burden from human representatives and customer gets the accurate and up to date information quickly.

IVRS supports the company’s changing business needs as additional capabilities & features can be easily incorporated which is more cost effective and efficient than hiring new staff and training them.

Helps you to create your Company’s Brand
Nowadays It is considered a must for Start-up and Small Enterprise to establish credibility and professional approach towards achieving all stake holder’s goals.

Secure your BusinessIVR secures sensitive caller data
If you are a company concerned about securing personal information of your valued customer, IVRS is the right solution for you. Customer calls can be diverted to an IVRS So that he can enter his personal Information Like securely over the phone.

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