PHP/MY SQL Development

MySQL is an open-sourced database solution that integrates with PHP. Since MySQL is open sourced does not mean it is a subpar performer. In fact, MySQL more than holds up its own against some of the brand name database applications like Microsoft’s SQL and Oracle. For web applications, MySQL offers the perfect combination of speed, reliability, features, and price. We have an experienced team of PHP/MySQL developers

we provide affordable and efficient PHP programming services with MySQL Database solutions such as PHP Web Application Development / Maintenance. Advantages of PHP and MySQL Programming: *Cheap maintenance *It provides high performance, fast speed, and great reliability *It offers support for other most popular databases like Informix, Oracle, Sybase etc.

, *It runs well on a great variety of platforms such as Apache and IIS *PHP programming has multilingual support *Highly compatible with all operating system namely Linux, Windows, Unix Contact ZEWEB for the best MySQL database solutions.

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