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At Zeweb Media Company in Pitampura, we know that Responsive Web Design is all about implementing HTML 5 and CSS 3 technology to create a website layout that automatically resizes, disappear, shrink, or grow, according to all media i.e. desktops, tablets, and phones.

Responsive Web design is the single most essential tool for website design with making a digital presence. With the exponential growth of Android phones, tablets, and devices, more people are using different screen-size to view the website.

Fundamentals of Responsive Web Design:

Located in Pitampura, Zeweb Media Company understands how these Responsive websites use fluid grids and flexbox. All page components are sized by percentage, rather than pixels. Media items such as pictures are also resized proportionately. So an image stays within its column or dependent design element.

Responsive Design and its SEO benefits:

Ever since the year 2015, the digital marketing world has faced up with the rise of mobile platforms. We at Zeweb Media Company in Pitampura, understand the importance of Google’s announcement that mobile-friendliness is now a ranking symbol, expressing that mobile-friendly, responsive websites performed higher in the SERPs.

It’s simple—better rankings drive to more visits to your website, which results in more leads and sales.
At Zeweb Media Company in Pitampura, responsive web designs recommend a cost-effective method to build a website. With us, at Zeweb Media Company,  you don’t need to spend some for the desktop compatible site and another for mobile compatible sites. It blends together and one website for all devices. Everything you need to grow your business.


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