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In today’s fast pace environment, communication with your team can be overwhelming and time consuming. How can you improve communication and free up more time to focus on managing the myriad number of priorities that you continually juggle everyday? With ZEWEB voice broadcasting service, you can call tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people at once with important information.

With zeweb voice broadcasting service you talk, we deliver
Zeweb voice broadcasting service enhances communication by delivering automated phone calls, within minutes, to any group, large or small. Schools, congregations, sports teams, businesses and municipalities throughout the country rely on us for routine reminders and emergency notifications. With Zeweb voice broadcasting service you talk, we deliver!

Eliminate Manual Dialing with our Voice Broadcasting Service
Manual dialing is a drag. Zeweb voice broadcasting service does the work for you by automating your manual process. Simply record one message and our system will dial every phone number at once. Our service is web based, so you don’t have to worry about buying expensive hardware dialers that have limited phone lines and slow delivery times. Our voice broadcasting service will improve attendance and boost response with just 1 phone call.

What is a Voice Broadcasting Service?
A voice broadcasting service is the method in which one message is digitally recorded and sent to a list of phone numbers via telephone. Zeweb sends the message out through thousands of channels and delivers the message to the phone numbers on your calling list. The computer dials the phone numbers and delivers the recorded message so you don’t have to.